If you own a nice private site let me know.
Perhaps I asign the Einhorn private Quality Award to you.

You can join the "Nominees" list at once.
Fill the Formular down under. But this formular is for international sites only.
Also in German.

Please be patient. I will try to visit you asap.
A final judgement will perhaps last some weeks.

Did you read the criteria first?
Did you have a look at the other award winners pages?
And did sign to my comment book?

Did you write me? By the way do not sign here for german pages.

Name: e.g. anonymous nobody
Homepage-URL: e.g. http://www.nobody.org
Email Address: e.g. nobody@anonymous.nobody.org
Keywords: e.g. Blood, Sweat, Tears
I want the
because I fit to the other winners in this category.
Sign to the list of candidates.

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