EPQA Special

This Award is given to sites that encreases the value of WWW by dealing with a special theme.

14 8/14/98 09:20:41
Lucian Millis site is a top site for lovers of maximum cards (Maximaphily) and picture postcards (Cartophily). Perhaps you remeber a postcard of your grandpa ... You'll find contacts to other collectors. This is your chance to get in.

11 5/28/98 19:30:22
Sammi Morrow
Emtoo offers a lot off free support for individuals. There were big efforts to show services in a comfartable way and well designed outfit.

5 3/08/98 14:03:49
A must have seen Victory Adams site. Write her from here!

4 2/21/98 23:00:20
Roberta Rosenberg
Did you try to adopt children in vain? Try the Korean Program. Roberta collected a lot of hints and informations. So you probably get new courage.

1 1/21/98 05:23:07
Don Chisholm
This ist the Canadian Montessori Server (CCMA). Children Education in a special ethic way. You'll find a straight through graphic line. The pages arent private but I gave the special Award in spite.

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