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Trouble shooting

I have watched people having problems with this feature that I could not determine yet: Sometimes you will get a failure message as result that says "Please choose a file by clicking the browse button on previous page.". Try to transfer your picture from another system or try Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Access rights

Please sign in with your charname and your characters password. Be aware of low and capital letters - thats a most common problem.

Allowed Formats

For the beginning there are only JPEG picture files allowed. Only a file name like ...arthorn.jpg is accepted. File name prefix and char name have to be identical, the only valid extension is jpg.

How to snap a screenshot

Screenshots can be taken by typing the minus key on numpad during the game. The shots will be found in the everquest directory.

How to transfer a BMP to JPEG

If you have Adobe Photoshop or Ulead Photo Impact or any other great picture program you should be used to convert BMP pictures to JPEG pictures. If your graphic program has no web jpg enhancing function you should try the 30 Day trial version of Ulead Smartsaver PRO. If you want a graphic program try 30 Day trial version of Ulead Photo Impact. Or go to and find an adequate freeware program.