Friends Registration

Char name: M 1st Skill about 100: O
Surname: M 2nd Skill about 100: O
Class: M 3rd Skill about 100: O
Race: M M
Level: M Friends Guild: O
Password (8 chars): M Main char name: M
Password retype (8 chars): M Your Email adress: O
Inviter: O Time zone: M
Play days: M

Char name
Please type the first letter of your characters name in capital letter.
A guild member made good experiences with you and invited you to insert your char in friends database.
Some friends forget their passwords. To create a robot answering system for lost passwords, please type in your email address and check it for correctness.
The time zone information is highly important for raid, guild and group date planning.
Played days
Please fill in the Played days correctly. I need it for statistical purpose. If you do not know right now, come back and update your characters record.