Raid/Event Planning System

The system supports adding, editing and announcing raids. At the moment every guild member can add a document. After the planning is finished, a document can be released in announce status. At this point all enscribed guild members and enscribed guild friends get an informational email with the document contents. Interested mebers and friends now can enscribe for participation to the raid/event. The informations are also stored in the database. The planner can watch the progress. I highly recommend to just play with this document editor to get used to the possibilities.

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Raids that are archived

12000-10-1402:00:00ESTFind the paw of OpallaBefallenD
22000-10-2120:00:00CETDRUNKEN DUNKING NAKED NEWBIE LIFTING LITTER HAPPYWill be announced at event startD
32000-10-2800:02:00ESTExorcism in UnrestEstate of UnrestD
40000-00-0000:00:00 -AC Cyclops Camping DaySouthern Desert of RoD
52000-11-1220:00:23CET35 plus ClubOcean of TearsD
62000-11-1813:00:00CSTKill the Sphinx and other fun in the MountainsRathe MountainsD
72000-11-1700:00:00GMTKunark Dungeon slaying.Kaesora/Dalnir/KurnD
82000-11-2500:11:00PSTBrightBlade TournamentThe ArenaD
102000-12-0907:00:00ESTRaid on Mistmoore/Killing Black Dire Joint Raid wiMistMooreD
112000-11-2300:00:00anyUnrest on Turkey DayUnrestD
122000-11-2510:00:13CSTBlood Bath in Rathe! 11/25Rathe MountiansD
132000-12-2308:00:00ESTPerma Freeze!Permafrost/D
142000-12-1603:00:26ESTmini-MMCastle MistMooreD
152000-12-2602:00:00ESTRAID on the Hole with AmnestyThe HoleD
162000-12-3000:00:00ESTHoard of Hacky HobbitsRivervaleD
172001-01-0614:00:00EST35 plus club revisitedOcean of TearsD
182001-01-0702:00:00CSTGetting GukLower GukD
192001-01-0508:00:00estmermaid hairkedge keepD
202001-01-1508:00:00ESTPhenocrysts FocusWakening Lands(SoV)D
212001-01-1315:00:00estSwimming againKedge KeepD
222001-01-1414:00:00CSTGetting GukLower Guk - Assasin/Supplier RoomD
232001-01-2109:00:13CSTSG Beautification Project (Crude Steins for all)Ogguk or your nearest druid ring or wizard spireD
242001-01-2219:00:00CSTGetting Guk'dRuins of Lower Guk - Assassin/Supplier RoomD
252001-01-2319:00:00CSTGetting Guk'dRuins of Lower Guk - Assassin/Supplier RoomD
262001-01-2820:00:00CETTrakanons teeth forager huntYour local druid/wizz ring/spireD
272001-02-0412:00:00ESTHoard of Hacking Hobbits 2: The Legion continues.Rivervale, Greater Faydark, and CrushboneD
282001-02-1316:00:00PSTKedge Keep RaidKedge KeepD
292001-02-1023:00:00+01Cazhics Fun EventCazhic ThuleD
312001-02-2516:00:00CETCANCLED CANCLED CANCLED CANCLEDKarnors castle in the dreadlandsD
342001-02-2314:00:00ESTCancelled CancelledKarnors Castle in KunarkD
322001-02-2214:00:00ESTWeekly HuntThe HoleD
332001-02-2501:00:00ESTFearPlane of FearD
352001-03-0200:21:30ESTEpics for henklin, Elektra, BaaddareEk/wfpD
362001-03-0413:00:00ESTTest of Tactics meets SGA !!!!The ArenaD
382001-03-1317:00:00ESTSplit Paw FarmingSplitPawD
392001-03-2412:00:00ESTCrude Stein Two: Bouncer BashingOggukD
402001-03-2508:00:00CSTHowling Stones KeysKaesora and Ill OmenD
412001-03-2319:00:00CSTMidbie SGA GatheringRathe Mountains Hill GiantsD
422001-03-2819:30:00ESTHowling Stones/Seb Keys.... Kaesora Raid 3/28Kaesora and Trak's TeethD
442001-04-0720:00:00CSTMid Level Raid to Crystal CavernsCrystal CavernsD
452001-04-1719:00:00ESTUnrest Again Tuesday 17th 7pm ESTUnrestD
462001-04-2018:00:00PSTKael Drakkel RaidKael Drakkel/ EW /GDD
472001-04-2214:00:00ESTHHH3: Wild Wacking in the Warrens.Rivervale, GF, and the WarrensD
482001-04-2419:00:00ESTUnrest raidUnrestD
492001-04-2815:00:00ESTMid Level Raid to KaesoraKaesoraD
502001-05-1213:00:00ESTHHH IV: 1pm EST 1900 CETRivervale, Misty ThicketD
522001-06-0118:00:00ESTAylina and GBWakening LandsD
532001-06-1114:00:00ESTUnrest 6/11 2pmEDT and 7pmEDTUnrestD
542001-06-1714:00:00ESTExplore Sol A: 17th at 2pm EDTSolusek AD
552001-06-2414:00:00ESTHHH Five Sunday 24th at 2pm EDT MistyMisty ThicketD
562001-06-2312:00:00CSTRaid on the infidels of MistmooreMistmoor CastleD
572001-07-2804:45:45CSTkarnors 40+karnorsD
582001-07-2721:00:00ESTRaid on the Tower of Frozen ShadowsTower of Frozen ShadowsD
592001-08-0514:00:00ESTHHH6: Bashing in Blackborrow!RV, Misty, BlackborrowD
602001-08-1215:00:00ESTCrude Stein Sun 12th 3pm EST 2100CETOggukD
612001-09-0420:00:00ESTExplore Stonebrunt MountiansNearest Druid ring for pick-up.D
622028-09-2011:45:00ESTDanika and Perhe use the SG site ToolsCity of MistD
640000-00-0000:00:00CST7:30pm CSTPlane of HateD