Guild Raid loot order

We propose that we do not role for loot within the guild. Loot is given out on a per need basis and overall time spent trying to obtain these items. Our goal is to equip every person in the guild with the absolute best items we can get for you. If you do not get it this time you will the next. If you need/want an item by all means please let the designated loot giver know this but whatever the decision is you will not bitch or whine either there or on the message board about not getting what you wanted. If you do donít expect to get it anytime soon. If you have a complaint then talk to the designated loot giver and express your concerns but respect their decision and move on. Public bickering and whining about loot does nothing but cause strife and discontent and I have decided that I have had enough of that. If you donít like it then donít come and if you canít control yourself you will not be invited to future events. If we are doing a multi guild event that is classified as a guild raid and we are forced to roll for items each person who rolls for an item is rolling for the guild. The won items will then be given out per the normal rules. If we decide before hand that it is not a guild raid and is a loot free for all then do not bitch or whine that you lost a roll on an item you wanted. Do not expect the person who won it to give it to you. Maybe they will maybe they wpn't it is their choice so respect that.

This Raid loot order is a proposition. Every Guild Raid leader can give out his own event rules. The text is taken from another guild and not testified by an officer vote (Arthorn).