Guild Charta
As a guild the Spirit Guardians have had a history as long as the server we reside on. In the beginning we were known as the Fyrelake Guardians, led by Grundge and Kawum. The Fyrelake Guardians were not long lived but some very strong friendships were formed in that guild. After FG had been disbanded an ex FG member Daweed created the Spirit Guardians along with all the friends he had found in FG. Since that time as a guild we have grown, and gone through the growing pains associated with growing...but the one thing that has always remained is that the Spirit Guardians are a guild based upon friendships. While we may strive to one day clean out Veeshans Peak or stand on the last isle in Sky, the friendships in the guild come before all of that.

The rules of this guild are based upon what was said in the previous paragraph. They are not tailored for a powergamer or someone interested in the 'phattest lewt'. There are other guilds who cater to that attitude and they will quickly find homes there

Guild Rules:
1) There will be no begging of anykind, anywhere in Norrath. Begging is embarrasing to you and the guild. If you need help ask any guild member and if they can, they will help you.
2) Guild rules and decisions can be overturned by a vote with 2/3 of the officers in agreement
3) If a big issue needs voted on a vote will be had guildwide. It will take 2/3 of the members in agreement to change/enact/remove a rule.
4) Officers will remain officers for as long as they continue to play and be part of the guild. Once voted in they can only be removed by a guildwide vote. The number of officers will not be controlled, but a concerted effort will be made to make sure there are officers in each time zone so as to always have an officer online for members.

Invitation Rules:

The most important rule of invitation that We want to adhere to is to not have a complicated set of hoops for new members to through. Though we dont want a strict set of rules we do need a few guidelines to follow in order to ensure that our new members are good people, and want to be a part of the guild not just be in a guild.

1) Prospecive members should be given the URL and the new user registration password. They should then go and register themselves as a new member. Once that is done they will be given an invite. This is a process that will only take the new member 5 minutes to complete. Once this is done they should be invited.

2) The officer who invited should post in the New Invites thread the new members name and information about the member.

Pledge of a Member:
1) When adventuring I will try my best to help those in need. A lvl10 Ranger in Gfay, and whos corpse is in North Ro will not quickly forget my helping.
2) I am expected to act honorably when interacting with others.
3) I will always try to invite other guild members into my party whenever possible.
4) I pledge to fully support the Guild Leader, Officers and any raid leaders for events. If a pressing issue needs discussed during a raid I will communicate with the appropriate person through tells or the messageboards later. Raids can be stressful and airing problems in guildchat then will not help anything at that time.
5) I shall do my best to attend guild events. Real life issues come before the game but if I plan on being online during an event attendance will help all of the members learn tactics and trust of each other.

The following is a list of reasons why a member may be removed:

1) Abusing guildchat. If a member continually is obscene or rude in guildchat they will be warned about their behavior. If they continue the guild officers will decide how to handle them
2) Lying or cheating other members. If a member lies or cheats to take advantage of another member they will be given the oppurtunity to right the wrong, if they do not they will be dismissed.
3) Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated. To disagree onopinions is sometimes healthy and at worst time consuming. This can include things such as personal insults/threats, general hassling on a regular basis, and sexual harassment.Personally attacking another member is uncalled for and will be dealt with as the officers seee fit
4) Dishonorable acts in Norrath such as training, kill stealing or ninja looting will not be tolerated. If an officer catches a member doing this they will dismiss them

Officer Expectations

1) I will take on guild issues such as event planning, member complaints/suggestions and relations with other guilds to free up the Guild Leader to deal with pressing issues at hand
2) Members input into people wishing to join the guild will be taken seriously in deciding who to invite. Invitations are a judgement call that an officer makes instead of basing the process on a long and mostly ridiculous invitation process.
3) I carry authoirty equal to the guild leader in dealing with members and their issues. I will respect this authority I have been given and expect members to respect the decisions that I make. I have been elected by the members of the guild and will speak in their best interests
4) Any discussions of members regarding policy will be done in tells and in the officers forum. It is not fair to the member in question to have their name thrown about if the accusations about them are not true
5) I will take no title such as'Raid Planner' 'Rules Enforcer' etc. No one person should have to deal with the same issues repetitivly, but they need to be taken care of. I will do my best to plan events, invite members, and attend to guild issues.
6) I will create one or more 'mules'. These mules will be parked in key locations and their bank will be used to hold items that guild members can use, ie. items, research items etc. These mules should be listed in the member listing along with where they are Neriak, Felwithe..etc.

Guild Leader Expectations:

1) If the guild feels that I no longer hold the best interests of the guild in mind or am no longer qualified to hold this position I will step down so another can fulfill those needs
2) I will do whatever it takes to keep guild members happy and the guild achieving the goals we have set. If that requires sacrificing or doing what I do not agree with personally I will do it for the guild.
3) In the event that a situation occurs which is not covered by the rules or is a set of special circumstances I reserve the right to 'The Final Word'. This means that my judgement is final. This is not something I will use often but will do so if necessary.

Raid Rules:

1) Each raid will have a raid leader and a secondary leader. The raid leader will conduct the raid and the secondary will take his spot should the leader be killed or become unavailible. The secondary will also deal with smaller raid issues in an attempt to keep the raid leader form becoming overburdened.
2) Groups will have a group leader it is that persons responsiblity to make sure their group follows the instructions of the group leader
3) While raids have to be well organized to work, they are also meant to be loosen up, don't expect the 'phat lewt' and have a good time with your friends
4) Each group will have a 'Master' Looter. This person will loot and distribute items to people who need them according to our looting rules.

Loot Rules:
Only Guild Members present:

1) If there are only guild members present only the members who will use the item that dropped with the character that is present will roll on the item. Other guilds may use systems to determine who gets what, but we will roll. This is the only way to insure that favoritism does not enter the picture.
2) If none of the members present will use the item with the character present,anyone with secondaries can roll on it for their secondaries.

Mixed Group with other guilds present:

1) If this is an event that another guild is holding we will respect their looting rules, no questions asked.
2) If this is a pickup group then the guild members present will all roll for the member who can use it according to the loot rules for when only guild members are present

Other Guilds

Currently, we have a close alliance with Echo of Valor, which is similar in size and philosophy to Spirit Guardians. Any Echo of Valor member should be treated as a guildmate. We may choose to expand our alliance in the future to include other similar guilds, but will not do so at the cost of jeopardizing our relationship with Echo of Valor or our internal philosophy of the family-style guild. .

Guild invitation recommendations
  1. Every new member should be told that we have no tolerance at all for begging. That includs guildchat, or anywhere in norrath. Please dont do so, its embarrasing not only to the guild, but yourself as well.
  2. Everyone in this guild is fairly laid back and easy to get along with. No one is here to become Uber gamer killer elite. If thats the kind of guild a new member is looking for, we're not it.
  3. The web address with the password should be given to the new member. The new member should register theirselves and checkout the messageboards frequently.
  4. It may also be a good idea to leave a post in officer message board when you invite a new member into the guild so we can check to make sure they have registered.
  5. Everybody should look for kind players and invite them to visit our web site to enscribe to the friends database and to use our raid system.

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