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Instructions for getting new members signed up

1. go to

2. Click the picture to enter our website

3. Click Members in the vertical taskbar

4. Click Insert or update your characters

5. In the New Character Registry section, enter the given password and click Send

6. Fill out all the required fields and click Send. Now you are registered in the database.

7. To get set up on the message board begin by clicking Guild Talk in the vertical taskbar

8. Click Register at the top of the screen.

9. Fill out the required fields

10. Post a request in the public forum (Regal Beagle) for Tekkang or Atreides to add your name to the list for access to the private forums.

Sunarth2001-12-16 16:13:26
Friends that joined SG are now automatically deleted in friends database when they enscribe to the SG database.

For example Baaddare should only update Baaddare in the members section and the friends entry will disappear.

There is an automatically email notification to the enscribed email address when you update your character.


Sunarth2001-08-09 09:27:10
Since some of us invested a lot in trading skills, I have started to offer a more detailed enscription of skill abilities in our database.

Sunarth2001-08-03 19:34:39

Hi Guardians,
I have integrated a timezone translation routine within the raid system. Check if it works proper. If you view a raid by details, the raidzone date/time is now translated to your characters timezone.

This works as far as you have allowed cookies and as far as you have inserted a correct timezone for you character.

This doesnt work for friends so far.

Sunarth2001-05-10 21:58:51
Heya friends,

I worked a bit for you) Now I am proud to announce my new service "password notification" . If you have forgotten your char password, click member, click insert and update, type in your charname in "Send my password to my e_address" , click send and, as far as you have written a correct email address into the database, you will get an email with your password. Thanks for your attention.

Sunarth2001-03-31 16:18:54

Heya Friends,

I finally published our last guild rule revision 1.1 .
You can read it under the button "CHARTA" .

Stay together and enjoy the game and friendship here

Sunarth2001-03-30 20:39:26
Heya friends,

I enhanced the raid system pages. Now you will find generated link buttons to the raid/events texts in the raid overview. You will additionally find a enscription/description form at the body of every raid system document.

Arthorn2001-01-31 21:54:49
Sorry for the missing message board.
Jormungandr moved the board to Tekkang and Tekkangs server is down (
I changed the link to new board position...
Arthorn2001-01-25 19:41:23
The messageboards are temporaily down, sorry for the onconvienance but they should be back up within 24-28 hours.
Tekkang2001-01-19 18:30:22
Congratulations to Bamil and Elektra on being elected the newest Spirit Guardian officers!Tekkang2001-01-12 05:49:37

Heya friend,

I have started to program a world clock. My first approach is available through the topic MARKET.

Have fun


Arthorn2001-01-03 20:57:39
Heya Mates,

I changed the first Member Page. It will not be the final design. But I wanted to bring up an incident to use the gallery. At the moment there are only those listed on the first member side having inserted a picture. You find the total member list under the topic guild statistics.

The broken link to Atreides message board is fixed now.

Have fun

Arthorn2000-12-15 22:20:38
I enhanced the raid event system. I implemented the participation function.

If you are interested in participating a raid you now can enscribe to the raid/event.
Simply use your charname and password and specific number of the raid.

In raid system concerns I highly recommend to change the status from E (Edit) to A
(Announced) when you want to publish your organized raid/event.

Sunarth2000-11-18 16:33:02