Software, that I use and those
that I would like to use

Star Division Office Center with Text-, Table- and Graphicprocessing
integrated Internet-Browser and HTML-Support.
The alternate concurrent to MS Office Products.
Windows 9x / NT
MetaTools Graphik Tool Bryce 4 , Kais Powertools, GOO Windows 9x / NT
Adobe Picture Processing Tool Photoshop 5.5
GIF , JPG, Filter, Interface to Kais Power Tools
Windows 9x / NT
Corel Picture Processing Tool
Coral Draw 9.0
Presentation, VRML-Worlds, HTML-Support,
GIF , JPG, additional Photos and Cliparts
Interface to Kais Power Tools
Windows 9x / NT
Netscape Web Browser
HTML Editor
Navigator 4.7 Windows 9x / NT
Macromedia Bildbearbeitung Freehand 9.0
Presentation, HTML-Support, GIF , JPG
Interface to Kais Power Tools
Windows 9x / NT
Allaire HTML Bearbeitung Homesite 4.5
With Integration of CSE HTML Validator
Windows 9x / NT
CSE HTML Validation CSE HTML Validator
A cute tool that brings up your right html pronounciation.
Bindable to Homesite Web Editor
Windows 9x / NT
S.u.S.E Operating System
Linus Torvalds Unix für den PC Linux

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