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Tiger Muck Epilogue

Our Tiger did not get it. When he found us he had already problems with his teeth. We did not notice it at once. Allthough he had no bad smell from the mouth we got suspicious. Mucki flee from his food sometimes with loud shreeking. Cause he normally did not say anything we thougth that he had toothache. We waited for 4 months. Do not say that was heartless. We did not have any experiences with pets and Mucki was living at ours illegally. He was the cat of our neighbours. In February 96 we spoke to the neighbour and told him that Mucki had decided to live in our house. The neighbour accepted and we brought Mucki to the next veterinarian. Tiger had to be operated. All left teeth had been extracted. Tiger could eat again without shreeking.
One day in June 96 Tiger suddenly had a thick cheek. The veterinarian made some x-ray photos. A special analysis showed that Mucki suffered canzor. He said: six weeks more. But we got him through 5 more months - painfull months for all of us.

Here, I want to thank Joachim Thewes and Bill Sanders for their emails full of empathy.

Knocking on Heavens Door


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