All the questions that raise during your visit of the pet cemetary will be answered in this room. So read the text. Or open this text in a special window aside. This place is a serious institution. So spare disturbances. If you like to utter some critics leave the place and go outside. If you do not like to read now, go back to the Pagode.

Shaping of a resting-place

The Shaping of a resting-place is farmost up to you. You may choose a virtual landscape, inscribe a symbol of remembrance, a link to your personal site and you may formulate a a Epilogue.

You should bring up about half an hour to fill up the reception formular. Send the input data with action test first.
The best procedure is 1th to print this page 2nd to bookmark this page 3rd to look around 4th to print the reception form page 4th to go offline 5th to fill the paper form than 7th again fill it online and submit.

Virtual Landscape

The resting-places lie in choosen virtual landscapes. Just have a look whats awaiting your darling.

Symbols of remembrance

The symbols of remembrance adorn the plaques of remembrance. Go choose a symbol.


Formulate a epilogue for your darling. Keep it short. Not more than 200 letters. If you want to tell more inscribe a link to an own page. You should use paper and pencil to develop it.

Reception formular

We need the following informations for the reception:
mandatory: optional:
1. Your pre and surname 9. Your homepage URL.
2. Your email address. 10. The URL of your epilogue page
3. The name of pet 11. A Short Epilogue
4. The kind of pet
Dog, Cat etc.
12. A Long Epilogue for an own page
5. Pets day of birth 13. A flower number for your own page
6. Pets day of death 14. Password
7. A virtual landscape number 15. Password retyped
8. A symbol of remembrance number 16. A test or a final make action


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