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I announce my first beta release of
Coming out soon

What does it do?
Have a look on my AWARD Pages. You see the automatic enscription of those who know a pretty good page or those who want directly get my award.

Nominee List

I give them a formular to enscribe. The formular is the client part.

It is sent to my providers server. The formular starts the NOMINEE.CGI on my providers server. The Script generates the given input to my NOMINEE.HTM.
Last things to improve are security for input data and an easy customization for your administrator.

http://www.go2net/com/people/paulp/cgi-security/ Paul Philips, CGI Security Lincoln D. Stein, The WWW Security FAQ CERT Coordination Center Newsgroup Perl for Win32 FAQ Netscape Security Solutions Microsoft Security Advisor NT Security News Karsten Meier, Das Sicherheitslabor Security Tips for Apache Web Server Security Tips for Apache Web Server Security Tips
news:comp.lang.perl.moderated News Group

Some popular places to look for a wide range of free CGI applications are: Selena Sol's CGI Scripts Matt Wrihgts Script Archive



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