Zu den Projekten
Welcome to my site. This site was founded in 1996. Now I know that a waged top site needs a lot of skills and time to build up. When I started to use interactive objects like my EPQA or my Pet Cemetary I got a lot of feed back. Answering requests and comments from users ate my spare time up. So I could not work on my favourised area: Web Design.

The recommended browser is Netscape 4.03. Resolution should be 800x600 or higher. Some pages contain autostarted music. You need a soundcard and a plugin - otherwise you have to click away some error message windows - I am sorry for that.
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My pictures are authenticated with Stegano keys. So do not pick up pictures without permission.

I linked a reminder service. This remote service reminds you of recent main changes: sign up.

Linger - Cranberries
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