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My starting point in 1998. Heavy Load! Be aware of your time and machine power. You need a lot of both when trying to finish the story. At the end waits a gift.
Digital Art
Unicorn's journey to the land of two moons

Der virtuelle Tierfriedhof
Pet cemetary
I am proud to present my project: Pet Cemetary. There are other cemetaries in the web. But you should look at this first. I guess, it is the most beautiful cemetary in the entirety of the web.

The Maze is my oldest project. It is a game for the surfer with patience and time. If you reach the goal, sign in my Hall of Fame, before taking away the treasure. If you tried to get one of my awards in vain , this way is a must.
The maze of the hidden links
The Maze

Der Wurm
A story book of a never finished movie:
The Worm
In the early 80ies I came across Herbert Achternbusch a German artist. In those days they showed his movies in what we call program cinemas. And they performed Achternbuschs The Frog and Susn in the theater. To cut it short, I was inspired and started my own movie: The Worm. Kassandra Kmauger translated it in 1998. So have a look.

This is a rather small project. One page with some links to Midi-Files that I collected during my travelling through the net.
Midi Files
Midi - Music

Cat Mucki
Cat Mucki
A story about my dear Mucki. And a connection to my German Webring of Cat Lovers. Visit my German cat pages.

This needs a lot of time to visit and to evaluate the aspirants pages. I have a real time nominee enscription routine installed. This international award is not published to any crawler machines yet. But it is a real insider tip.
Einhorn private quality award

Web Design
I have written down some tips for beginners. And I offer some links to obtain shareware tools for Web publishing.

Your are wrong, if you think there are girls behind this link.

My garden pond
I built a little pond in my garden. During this enterprise I documented my efforts in a kind of diary. These pages are in German only. Maybe I will translate it one day. Let me know, if I should.

Its a larger project concerning the amount of bytes you have to download while visiting. I gathered my experience in some PC computer games.
My Games
Computer Games

Merva Family
Merva Family
A message board for users of IBM Merva Family products.

About the author.
The team introduces itself

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