Moritz von der Muck + 20th of Dezember 1996
Mucki and the tulips As well called:
Mucki , Tiger, Rost , Clever-as-pig

The animal is nobel of course. Allthough the papers confirming this fact are lost as well as the whole castle of the Mucks within the big fire of 1989, this claim is far off accepted.

At that time young Tiger could flee in the deep forest. There he found Pandoras box, that he unfortunately opened. He scraped a miserable living for a long time. He often sat at the edge of the woods observing enviously the cheep. They could fill up themselves with this green stuff without getting sick.
Nearby a barn he could sometimes organize a bit of the dog food offered there for the farm cat mob by the farmers wife. But in five of seven days he got nothing to bite. So, his gum became shrivelling up. As he started to prepare for his end a cpoule of young people passed over and picked him up. They brought him to the next home of pets.

The neighbours of the author assumed him for so neat that they could not stand to take him home. There he preferred roaming through the surrounding gardens. Cause it was too pithy at home. In the morning a woman appeared - she was rather friendly - but she came along with a little terrier. And whenever Moritz scratched the terriers nose she stopped being freindly and kicked him out. In the afternoon the little one was back from kindergarten and started to realize his very special ideas concerning the use of pets.

One day there was brought up a new neighbouring house and Mucki decided to bring up a new can opener. One day he had tried to jump in through a opened kitchen window. But in the fly he wascatched by a histeric fridge waitress.

In September 1995, just before the hard winter - a sympathic door opener asked: "Won't you come in ?".
This one was right and opens the door from now on whenever the rost snips with the crawl...

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Pet Cemetery
Cause of the lost of my dear friend, I decided to start a pet cemetary for the benefit of all those missing their fur babies.

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