At this place you will find a lot of different themes in mystical, fantastic appearance. The unicorn administrates the temple of Arthorn. You may visit my nubian friend, the torture chambers, the unicorn collection. Try to find the treasure chamber or be an avatar and try to solve the riddle of the hidden links. Visit the graveyard of the ancestors. Or travell to the land of two moons. Read the worm story in the library.

Arthorn's Temple

Land of two Moons
The shadow cabinet
Graveyards iin the rainbowland
Nubian Tempel servants
Court of law
Latifundia manus manum lavat
The artefact as temple ruler - click for it. The way
Torture chamber
Unicorn collection
Hall of the guests
The Temple Lake

"Search for the child. If you have lost it, enter my temple."


Design and interaction are the foreground topic at this place. The temple of arthorn is not organized as an overview, magazine, meeting point or a linear rear of rooms. It is a complex net where you can find all of these elements. You have no chance to get themes and contents immediately. Unless you you use the artefact... or the magical runes. Do not forget to listen to the sounds in these worlds.

WEBCounter by GOWEB


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